My First Job in WFT

It’s been a month since I’ve started my new job. Everything seems great 🙂 and I am grateful for this opportunity. It’s pretty much what I’ve always wanted to do after graduation. Got my first pay check, but not exactly my first time getting paid since I’ve been working previously. but hey, nice to be paid at all times 😛

Anyway, just wanted to share some of my experience of the graduate program I’m in.

I’m officially an engineer!

When I was first introduced to the company, the graduate program I sign up for is called the ‘NextGen Program’ designed for fresh graduates. This is a five years program that aims to groom the graduate to be future leaders equipped with technical and soft skills. I am not bonded or anything, I guess they’re just looking for candidates who can speak and competent to perform their job, just like any other company. Nothing special, it’s just rebranding.

20th February 2017; Together with the other team from Brunei and Australia, I started the ‘Right Start’ induction towards the company, safety rules, etc in Jakarta, Indonesia for 2 weeks. I shall just run through some pictures and events here.

Training on the 8 GEMS (Getting Everyone Manage Safety). Oil and gas company is all about Safety! IMG-20170222-WA0005

Hazard hunt + Exploring the Warehouse. First time suit up in coverall.  I’ve got my very own coverall with my name printed on it!IMG-20170223-WA0002

‘Introduction to Oil and Gas’ by Mohamed Elias from Kuwait.IMG-20170303-WA0015

Mike and Akansha from Australia. We’ll be parting ways after two weeks. Hope to see them again near future!

Us, with UNO cards, almost all the time. IMG-20170303-WA0074

I stayed in Harris Hotel in Bekasi for two weeks. Nice place, nice service, treated like a King. Good breakfast and clean sheets every evening! and yea, had lots of gym and swimming session with them. Work hard, Play hard! There’s always time for exercise after a long lecture!

Flying home! @ the airportIMG-20170304-WA0000

Week 3 and 4; Technical training with all the departments in the KL office. Free lunch provided for two weeks! Couldn’t been more blessed 🙂 haha eating is my part time job 😛IMG-20170306-WA0001

End of week 4, Hazirah goes back to Brunei. All done with our 4 weeks classroom learning. IMG-20170317-WA0001

That’s pretty much what I was up to for the past one month, lots of reading and lectures! It feels like I’m still in uni, but this time I am being paid to study.

I have been assigned to my product line in KL, not sure where will I be next. But, always constantly learning and looking forward for more upcoming challenges. Hopefully, I’ll go through them smoothly! IMG-20170317-WA0013

Thank you dear God for all your endless blessings and do continue to stay by me and guide me throughout my journey! ❤


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