Day tour in Jakarta

Recently I’ve visited Jakarta for the introductory for my work and went on a day trip tour, together with friends aka colleagues from Malaysia, Brunei and Aussie.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

It’s also known as the “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”. It’s a recreational area with collection of Indonesian architecture. Got in a cable car to view from above. Pretty cool place cause it’s definitely something you don’t get in Malaysia.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESUntitled-3Untitled-10Untitled-15Untitled-8

Special thanks to Antiek, the HR for touring us around.  She’s my role model. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The NextGen 2017 team 🙂  Coming from different places with different personality and still get along pretty well. Great team! Untitled-20Untitled-24Untitled-21Untitled-27

National Monument – Monas Untitled-30Untitled-34

I was so hungry for lunch and I didn’t snap any pictures. I had Ayam Presto and it was so good. It’s cooked in a way that you can eat the bones together with the chicken. Luv it!

Can’t comment much about the place cause I’ve only managed to go Jakarta a day and stayed the rest of the trip at work and hotel. The traffic is so bad especially when its raining! but the people there are amazing 🙂

Thank you for the opportunity given! #blessed




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