Final Year Battle

I would really love to write about my trips in Japan. But I am such a lazy person to write a detailed blog. Just would like to update this space of mine depending on my mood and whenever there’s a need to speak out my mind.

Anyways, I am back in Malaysia! It isn’t really great to be back cause I loved my stay in Japan, having my little home on my own. Japan was indeed a great place to stay. Love the weather, the people and how organize and convenient back there. Malaysia is a total opposite of it. I really hope God would open more opportunities for me to go out of the country someday in the near future.

I am about to start my final year of my undergraduate studies. Just 8 months and then, I am out to compete with the world. Nothing’s ever gonna be easy, so I am here so set some resolutions for myself before the semester starts:

  1. Live independently, Don’t be afraid to be alone. I am choosing a major where most of my friends isn’t there. I guess this time I would have to buck up and work hard on my own. Study study study well!
  2. Stay positive, believe in God and His blessings. I know He’s always there to guide me through my journey. Just gotta keep having faith in Him.
  3. Fill up my time with sports.  I am gonna be busy with so many upcoming projects, and I hope I wouldn’t  forget my weekly workout. Cut down on processed food and eat healthy! Gotta make sure I don’t gain weight.
  4. Readddd! Read before bed. Continue learning Japanese, don’t let them slide away.
  5. Plan a future for myself. I am gonna go out there next year and I am not quite sure of what will I do later. Should really start applying masters or jobs elsewhere.

I don’t know what lies ahead of me. Worried of my future, how is it gonna be. I just have to keep going, follow the flow and pray that all will be well.

That’s all for now 😀 hope to find more mood to update my dead blog.



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