Why I love my stay in Japan

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.

I’ve been in Japan for four months. When they say ‘No news is good news’, that is what’s up with me for the past months. My stay here has been really amazing. Being able to have my own income and living in my own cozy room. I have always wanted a place of my own, and this feels like a taste of freedom. Trust me, Once you’ve taste it, you just don’t want to go back anymore. 

I am currently doing my internship in Hitachi Research Laboratory, Ibaraki, Japan for 7 months.

Though I might not have much Japanese friends, I am blessed with other interns and Malaysian students which makes my stay here a whole lot easier. It’s true that once you’re in a foreign land, you tend to stick to your own people rather than the locals. Since I am working in a company, most of my colleagues are married and thus, they wouldn’t have much time to spare for an outsider like me. Daily conversations with my colleagues are great. I still speak mostly English here but I have been putting much effort in picking up Japanese language, memorizing verbs and practising from workbooks. I have no idea if my progress is getting better or not honestly.

Why I love it here :

1. I feel safe wherever I go even at late nights. Not sure if this applies for Tokyo. But in Hitachi city, Ibaraki, I have yet to see any beggars roaming around roads. My friend once left his pocket WiFi in the bus, and it was sent to the company the next morning! How amazing is that. If and only if Malaysia has such good and caring souls.

2. Nobody cares how you look or dress. Japan is a fashion city. I think If I were to wear a pyjamas out, it would have been considered as part of fashion. Back then in Malaysia, people tend to stick to famous brands and typical clothings. Once you dress out of the norm, you’re either considered weird or ugly. It really gives me freedom of what I want to wear to comfort myself. Really love this part of Japan, Nobody judge you for how interesting you can get!

3. Beautiful. The colours appears from bright yellow to red to pitch black during late night. I stay by the sea, sunset sunrise are amazingly beautiful. The sound of the waves. Sight seeing spots are breathtaking and the sceneries are beyond what you see in pictures. I can be a great photographer without any skills ’cause beauty speaks for themselve. (Hopefully I will  be able to post my pictures)

4. Food. I love Japanese food. Soba, udon, sushi and fresh fish! I like how authentic and mild the taste is. The soup of the soba and udon are extracted from fish and the handmade noodles. On top of that, I enjoy getting busy in my little kitchen, fixing meals on my own as well. My first dish made was chicken soup, then lemon sauce steamed fish, pancakes, banana bread using rice cooker and much more. I should brief write about them! Keeping and living on a healthy lifestyle ;P is what makes me a happier person everyday! And 0h did I mention how sweet and juicy are the fruits in Japan? Definitely my daily snacks!

5. Filling up my weekends. Setting aside my boring work, I plan for every weekend to be as productive as possible. Scheduling places to go around Ibaraki and Tokyo. It can go as hectic as fully packed weekend or sometimes just lunch or dinner at a new place. If I ever had no plans, I would walk to the beach or shop for groceries. I am never ever bored here!

6. Last but not least, having friends around me, inviting me to various activities and having great chats together. I would say I am more productive and active in Japan rather than Malaysia. At times, I go for futsal on weekends. If I ever need a lift to get something and go somewhere, It’s always just a call away. Thankful and Blessed to have met them.

I guess that’s all I could think of now 🙂 Thanks for reading if anyone ever reads 😛 Gotta go get back to ma work, toodles!

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