Cameron Escape

I’m finally done with my third year degree, and it’s such a relieve that It’s over. This semester is the craziest cause of the horrible time management from the lecturer and me. Everything was packed and squeeze at the end of the semester, close to finals. I was so messed up and at times, I just feel like giving up. So glad everything is over and I hope the results would come out decent. Anyways, it’s the last semester and off we go to internship. Thus, this post will be on a brief Cameron post cause Cameron is the before internship outing 🙂

We went on plucking strawberries and I ate lots and lots of them. Tbh, the strawberries weren’t sweet, only the dark red ones. Sour tongue throughout my trip 😛

IMG_0632 IMG_0629 IMG_0489 IMG_0603IMG_0645 IMG_0529IMG_0646 IMG_0654

We searched on Air bnb and got a pretty good apartment for 9 of us. We bbq-ed at the balcony even though there is a well equipped kitchen. Marinated chicken was so good! and Never forget cards when you’re with a bunch of crazy friends!

IMG_0370 IMG_0367 IMG_0331

Lots of good pictures taken in the tea plantation using tripod *thanks to Sam

IMG_0273 IMG_0264 IMG_0243 IMG_0222 IMG_0190 IMG_0183 IMG_0150 IMG_0149

Those are pretty much of my favorite selected pictures from the trip. Now, shall everyone be apart for internship! I’m going Japan real soon for my internship. I’m just hoping I’ll enjoy and do well in my work 🙂

IMG_0642toodles! *wink*

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