Semester 5

I’ve been doing summary on each semester since I’ve been in UTP. Reading back, the feelings are about the same every end of the semester. I get all asdfghjkl-ache over the after-exam feeling then take time to chill and calm myself over the weeks. Yeap, it feels pretty much the same right now. But there’s this additional feeling going on this time cause I’m going to Japan in 3 days! I’m excited cause this would be my first overseas trip, but feeling slightly worried over this and that. My baggage, money and etc etc. But it’s all under control, I constantly write down what I need to do now and then and I’ve got  amazing people to get advice from and of course, the internet!

Anyways, this semester has been slightly different for me. One of the highlight was me changing roommate simply cause I somehow prefer living independently. At first, I was worried cause you never know how a stranger could be and it’s pretty scary. But thankfully, it turns out good 🙂 My friends think I’ve got happier, well I am. Even though sometimes it can get a little lonely but I love having my own space and doing what I want on my own. Then I’ve drift apart from the girls due to incompatible friendship. I am gonna keep taking step backs if I ever know it’s not my place to be. Thus, when I’m hanging off the gang, I’ve made new friends. You can never get a whole package of perfect friendship, but as long as I’m comfortable and happy, then I’ll stand strong on the choices I make.

Lesson learnt, don’t be afraid to make changes in life cause you’re deciding on your happiness. If it’s not the right one, keep finding them, eventually things would fall in place! Don’t stick around and lie to yourself that it’s gonna be all okay unless you’ve got no other choice.

Pictures kept as memories:

Bunch of selfies with friends (: during International Culture Night

IMG_20150314_014112 IMG_20150314_014210 IMG_20150314_014234 IMG_20150314_014252 IMG_20150314_014305 IMG_20150314_014316



Sleepovers @ Sam’s house and more Outings

IMG-20150325-WA0057   IMG-20150325-WA0058  IMG-20150430-WA0002    IMG-20150208-WA0016

IMG-20150209-WA0006    IMG_20150314_232257  IMG_20150325_124602

My first summon for eating in the library 😛


and finally, our very last outing to the movies, Nando’s and History

IMG_20150430_185225   IMG_20150430_185339


Signing off, Jess 😀

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