A little Update

I keep wanting to write but I can hardly put my thoughts together. I feel all over, a little frust, sad, slightly stress and sometimes a little happy too? Frust over little petty friends problem. I can hardly be who I am, constantly sucking up my own words and putting on fake smiles and acts. But this isn’t a big deal knowing this place and the people I meet here are just temporary. If I ever have a clump of fake friends, I still have the best ones surrounds me.  Finals are coming real soon. I’ve got no idea how many times I’ve been dealing with tests and exams but yet, I’ll still fear them. I’ve been loving my own space since I’ve got my stranger-now-friend roommate. Roommates’ out and I’m having my chillax time now. I thank God for blessing the choice I’ve made. This year started off great. I’ve made more great new friends. I feel more confident of how I look. I use to think I’m that ugly duckling but I guess an ugly duckling stands a chance to be a swan one day (: Relaxed but I can’t wait to start a new chapter of my life. Though I know it’s gonna be crazy out there. But I’m bored of doing the same thing over the years. Piles of assignments. Flipping pages from left to right like mad dogs.  Getting into exam halls feeling fearful. Finding a Weekend gateway to relieve. Similar routine over and over again. I can’t wait to see what’s for me out there. To be able to earn a living, slap by millions responsibility. I know its gonna be worth the pain. That if I ever suffer and work my ass off for the work I’m given. I’ll definitely have the ability to achieve the greatest dreams. That’s a promise I’ve made to myself. I guess that’s pretty much what I wanted to say 😉

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