Self Reminder

Just a little reminder for myself before going back to uni.
1. Be independent. Learn to love being alone and adapt with what’s given.
2. Keep fit and lose weight. Go gym and jogging often.
3. No complaints. Keep it to yourself and just let it go. People are different, accept who they are. Don’t judge them. Walk away if you don’t like it.
4. Stay strong. Cry if you want to, but be sure to get up.
5. Study. Study. Study. Try to understand. Don’t overstress. Results isn’t everything. Just do your best and let God do the rest 🙂
6. Pray hard to get a good placement and your future job. Its gonna be another transition, never going to be any easy.
7. Friends are just friends. Don’t get affected by them. Don’t give them the ability to control your mood.

Its a study camp. Just do it. ✔

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