Leaning back

I have days where I crave for a shoulder to lean on, snuggling into warm cuddles and hearing tiny whispers on my ears to fall asleep. I just want to be in love mindlessly, just like every Disney princesses’ happy endings. 
I hate feeling the desperation of wanting a companion at this age cause I want a long lasting relationship. I want to marry and draw my future with my first love. I want to experience the growth of a puppy love to a mature one. It may seem like there wouldn’t be much adventure cause we’re only growing within ourselves but its a dream relationship, isn’t it? Then I would want to just dream of this peaceful love within ourselves without  distractions for the outside world.

It’s not easy to find someone who’s firstly compatible and comfortable. And then the mutual feelings between both sides. Relationship is another whole lot of complications and I don’t wanna get myself tangled anytime yet. I have responsibilities and dream goals to reach. Thus, I’m standing alongside with sanity that I’m proud to be single and I want to achieve greater heights before leaning back.

Till then, may I have the patience to wait for the right love and time.

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