Dreamy Dreams

I should be having wild dreams and the urge of ticking off some crazy yolo bucket list in my twenties, but here I am, imagining and creating my future paradigm like an old man. Whenever I  step into different places, the first thing comes in my mind – ‘HEY, I need this for my future house’. I love to think that I could draw my future based on my likes and thus, I am gonna take you and myself on a ride to Jess’ Mini Paradigm✌

#1 What’s the first thing you think of in the morning?
FOOD! I love breakfast. I want to gulp fruit smoothies most of my mornings. Blending all sorts of fruit combinations together, so I guess a fridge full of fruits, please? Buzz around the kitchen, making toast, half boiled eggs and bacon or fluffy pancakes with all sort of toppings from maple syrup, caramel to bacon.



I don’t know how true those true facts and quotes you read online that says night owl (people who sleeps late) are smarter, but does it mean I’m not smart? :/ cause I’m definitely a morning person 😛


#2 Two options: A home gym or  Sign up for gym or both!
A room with treadmill and mirrors and  sign up for gym to attend workout classes. I can’t tell if I would be caught up with work then, but I hope I am cause being busy means good deal. However, I hope I ll make effort to find time to squeeze some workout time. I like feeling muscle sore, then I wouldn’t feel guilt eating. I get to eat anything that makes me happy and get up from bed with a flat belly.

Grand Hotel Esplanade, Gym

#3 I want to bake on a weekly routine. Trying out new recipes of bread, pies, cakes and cookies. Well equipped baking zone at the corner of my kitchen 🙂 [#jessybakes]  It’ll be cool if there’s like a baking hideout place like in korean dramas and every morning you wake up with the smell of fresh buns. Mmm.


I’m so thankful being able to spend quality time baking with my aunt on weekends in KL. So far, I’ve made Banana Muffins, Max’s cookies (doggy), Blueberry Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake! (DA BOMB) , sweet and savory pancakes and this weekend I’m gonna make APPLE PIE!

#4 One of my greatest hope for the future is that  I would enjoy my career and be able to earn a good living. Good living in terms of attaining salary above average,  to afford the necessity as well as spend little luxury.  I pray that I would be able to cope with challenges that are given to me. Be happy, contented, satisfied and shut the feelings of greed or jealousy.  I always believe that in the end of the day this is how success is measured. When you love your job, it gets easier to master them. Once you’ve master them, you’ll definitely earn big bucks 😉

What’s there to argue when there’s love and money ?


#5 Finally, the perfect room for me.
I like it simple, white and spacious.
Furniture – Queen size bed, big closet filled with clothes hanging, not folded. Full body mirror, shelf of books, radio, maybe a TV. Andd… BEAN BAGS!  It’ll be nice to have matching bed, wardrobe and a mini table. Crystal lamps switched on 24 hours! No pitch black room please.


#6 If I happen to be rich, I want to venture out and travel elsewhere. Discovering new adventures and places. Part of me wants to go far away to start anew in a place where no one knows me. Well, I do feel insure and afraid of wanting to go some place I don’t belong. Thus, I should be careful of what I wish for cause It might turn out becoming a disaster. However,  sometimes I feel  I don’t belong here too. Should I hang on and learn to like this place or should I seek for another?  I’m still young to look and diverge to roads not taken. Challenge accepted?



It feels good expressing my goals into words, sketching clearer views of what I want to achieve, instead of just merely imaginations in my head. Have faith in God and He will guide me through the brightest path to let things falls in place hence, meeting the right people at the right time (:


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