Quick update

I miss writing, and I did wrote a post two days ago but I got busy and I forgot to saveeeee And I couldn’t retrieve it anymore. Gaaahh. I hate it when this happens cause it took time to express my thoughts into words and poof.  Anyways, here it goes (:

It’s been a month I’ve been away from home, working in KL. It gets tiring sometimes. Tiring to get up in the morning,  hassle around the office till sundown then get home for dinner, watch little videos then sleep. Hanging on the same old routine on weekdays. But I look forward to weekends to hop on to my aunt’s place. I love baking time. Best thing about being here is I’m blessed with great people, more freedom and of course wherever I go, there’s always good food. (:
Once in a while, I would get up feeling homesick. I miss my room, my bed and my little sisters. But where I am now, its for the better of me. I can never stay home for long durations cause my emotions there would eat me out.

I’m living life slow and steady, expectations at the least, feeling satisfactions in all those bits. I watch things goes by and mostly speak in my own mind. It may not be smooth, but its okay. I walk away if its too much to handle. I want sing my sorrows out loud. I cry whenever I want to, with or without reasons. And I write again and again to release my never ending thoughts.

Dear God,
I just want to be happy and contented with whatever You have given to me.
I want to have the strength and patience to tolerate with the world and their people. I want to have the courage to keep moving on. I want to find peace within You.  And I want to thank you for your endless blessings. (:

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