Little blessings

We often take things for granted of wanting the things that we don’t have instead of counting the little blessings we’ve got.

So, I’m taking a step back to cherish what I have.

1. I love waking up for breakfast on the table every morning. My dad goes to the market in the morning and make sure he gets breakfast for each and every one of us at home. It must be pretty annoying to have to think of what to buy every morning.

2. Even though there are so much misunderstandings and arguments in the house, I’m glad I was brought up in a big family with six siblings. We pretty much depend on each other when it comes to tough times.I know there are people I love, to back me up when I get messed up. Older sister to guide you in life,little sisters to cheer you up with never ending conversations, brother to get you awesome things!

3. My best friends from high school. They might not be here with me physically every second but I know if I ever need a place to voice out my heartache, They’ll always have the most convincing and consoling advice. I feel in place, less out of the norm with them. How could I ever live without them really.

4. Brought up in a strict family where you don’t get most of the things you want to go your way. I’m often restricted from going out and it gets really frustrating. I need to get permission at least 3days before. But you know what?With the restrictions, I’m more bonded to my siblings, we spend most of our time at home chit chatting all the time. Lazing around at home with tv dramas and reading novels most of the time. It’s more relaxing than catching up with the busy world out there. oh and I never had any restrictions to my sleeping time 😛

5. My dad isn’t that mushy mushy I love you person. Actions speaks louder than words. My dad has never once said I love you to me cause to him, love is not just by words, prove it by your actions. And he nailed it well 🙂 As I grew older, I realize everyone is saying things that they don’t exactly mean it. If I were to say I miss you, I would really mean it.But now, people say it for the sake of saying it. Society is just weird sometimes and you just gotta play along with the crowd. So I became one of them out of choice. Honestly, its just comfortable to be home where you face crappy ugly truth instead of not genuine craps that makes you wonder.

6. Having a mini mart connected to my house is like the best thing ever. This is the biggest reason why I’m never losing weight but otherwise. I’m even eating chocolate while typing this! Haha endless supply of sodas, beers, junkfood, and chocolates! Always the first one to try every new flavours! Should really stop eating non stop :/

7. My friends in university.We may be from different places and vary in character, but with them, uni life is bearable. You’re never alone suffering, and there’s always motivation and encouragement around you. Plus point being an Asian, you ll never fail in any exam cause of the kiasu environment.

8. I believe I’ve been through lots of disappointments and hardship in life. I don’t always get what I want easily. I have to work extra hard compare to others. Imperfections here and there. I like to think people like me would be able to survive any hard downfall and would still get up and keep striving hard. I’m stronger than you think I am 😛

9. My mum who gives me whatever I want or need. I’m pretty much pampered by her. It’s nice to at least have someone to treat you like a little princess. I know my boundaries and I don’t ask much. Maybe that’s why she offers me so much things 🙂

I think that’s pretty much what I can think of now. Well if anybody is reading this (which I don’t think so) , I think You should try writing your blessings too 🙂 Its a magical relieve of appreciation and gratefulness.

Summing up my post of pictures with my family and friends 🙂





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