20 facts About Me

I got tagged by my friend but I’m not quite of a social media person and I think this would be pretty fun. So decided to post it in my blog instead ๐Ÿ™‚

1. I fear the world, people judging me. Definitely can’t stand the attention.ย  Enjoy living in my little kingdom where I kinda speak to myself in a blog like..now?

2. I always have a crush on my best friends cause I fall for inner beauty. And if you’re my best friend, then you’re definitely an amazing person to me.

3. Back then when I was younger, I use to have this crush on a guy from a international school opposite my house and I watch him go to school every morning from my balcony. I was gonna give him a letter, thank God I didn’t humiliate myself!

4. One time I was so mad at myself that I slap myself in front of the mirror and cried loudly. I hated myself for being not good enough.

5. I love muscle pain. Better feel sore than sorry. Enjoy lots of sports and always up for home exercise daily ๐Ÿ™‚

6. I learned piano, guitar, swimming and gymnastic when I was younger but I didn’t manage to master any of it which makes me feel like I’ve learnt nothing.

7. I dream to be a famous blogger, feeling fame silently. But I’ve got nothing much interesting going on in my life and I don’t think people give a shit about my life.

8. I think I’m pretty ugly but I stare at my own picture telling myself I look fine when I get too down. Self assurance needed most of the time.

9. I do not have much interest inย  anything in particular like kpop or whatsoever. Thankfully people around me which includes my sisters and friends always drag me to watch with them. Then at least I’ve got something to talk about with other people.

10. I love food! Don’t you? Especially Sushi, fish, Tomyam and Bread! More to a bread person than rice ๐Ÿ˜› and of course I’m afraid of gaining weight.

11. Sometimes I hate myself for being too straight forward and rude. Cause I tend to feel guilt when I hurt others. And then I had to write them a letter saying I’m sorry or try to pretend to talk to them so that they’re not really mad at me.

12. I dream to travel around the world but deep down I’m afraid to venture new things cause I’m scared of changes that could be worse.

13. I can really talk and crap a lot when it comes to people I enjoy spending my time with. I think I’m pretty humorous as a person.

14. I love kids. I love telling stories andย  playing tricks with them. I guess I’m pretty good at the nanny’s job.

15. I’m always lazy to clean my room. It’s always in a mess. Well even if I cleaned it, it’ll get messy again anyway.

16. I went clubbing once and I didn’t like it. I can’t seem to understand why everyone was just bouncing up and down, maybe I’m just not high enough so I had to just follow the crowd and bounce too. I smelled like cigarette smoke for two days. I should just stick to karaoke.

17. I like dogs but I don’t think I deserve to be a dog lover cause I’m a horrible owner to my own dogs.

18. Someday when I graduate as an engineer, I wanna make big bucks for about ten years. And then get out of there and start my own bakery. Well, that’s what I want now, but I think it’ll change over the years.

19. I think I’m pretty dumb in my studies but I always manage to pull through itย  which I think its mostly from God’s blessing for my shocking results. So endless Thank yous to the Almighty God ๐Ÿ˜‰

20. Last but not least, I may not be perfect in many ways, but I’m blessed with great people around me. My family and friends, I’m glad they’re always there guiding me, putting up with all my mood swings, constantly loving and caring the troublemaker me.

Here you go ๐Ÿ™‚ 20 facts about me. You may or may not know some of it.

One thought on “20 facts About Me

    I’m proud to say that (i think) I know most of your facts here hehehee. Enjoyed reading this (Y) and kinda makes me want to write one for myself, but mehhh. Too lazy


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