No pain, No gain?

No pain, No gain?

I’m one of those people who works my ass off to achieve big dreams, A dream chaser.I could set everything aside in order to strive for a well deserving future. Of course, I gotta say that if you don’t work hard, you wouldn’t get rewards. But what happens when you feel so much pain and there’s just so little gain? God had put me in much challenges in life. I tried so hard, but it’s always just merely disappointments. If you don’t try, you might just lose that opportunity. There’s always those circle of people who are perfectly perfect and everything else around them, just falls in place. 

As I grew older, I came to a point where certain things like measuring ability with others would always be invalid. God has set differently challenges for each individuals. My pain isn’t theirs and theirs isn’t mine. He knows I’m stronger and tougher, thus, my challenges are at my frequency. If I were to be given simple equations in life, I wouldn’t have gain anything. Mistakes and Lesson Learnt. The more ache I feel, the more wiser I become each day. 

2 thoughts on “No pain, No gain?

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