My First Job in WFT

It’s been a month since I’ve started my new job. Everything seems great 🙂 and I am grateful for this opportunity. It’s pretty much what I’ve always wanted to do after graduation. Got my first pay check, but not exactly my first time getting paid since I’ve been working previously. but hey, nice to be paid at all times 😛

Anyway, just wanted to share some of my experience of the graduate program I’m in.

I’m officially an engineer!

When I was first introduced to the company, the graduate program I sign up for is called the ‘NextGen Program’ designed for fresh graduates. This is a five years program that aims to groom the graduate to be future leaders equipped with technical and soft skills. I am not bonded or anything, I guess they’re just looking for candidates who can speak and competent to perform their job, just like any other company. Nothing special, it’s just rebranding.

20th February 2017; Together with the other team from Brunei and Australia, I started the ‘Right Start’ induction towards the company, safety rules, etc in Jakarta, Indonesia for 2 weeks. I shall just run through some pictures and events here.

Training on the 8 GEMS (Getting Everyone Manage Safety). Oil and gas company is all about Safety! IMG-20170222-WA0005

Hazard hunt + Exploring the Warehouse. First time suit up in coverall.  I’ve got my very own coverall with my name printed on it!IMG-20170223-WA0002

‘Introduction to Oil and Gas’ by Mohamed Elias from Kuwait.IMG-20170303-WA0015

Mike and Akansha from Australia. We’ll be parting ways after two weeks. Hope to see them again near future!

Us, with UNO cards, almost all the time. IMG-20170303-WA0074

I stayed in Harris Hotel in Bekasi for two weeks. Nice place, nice service, treated like a King. Good breakfast and clean sheets every evening! and yea, had lots of gym and swimming session with them. Work hard, Play hard! There’s always time for exercise after a long lecture!

Flying home! @ the airportIMG-20170304-WA0000

Week 3 and 4; Technical training with all the departments in the KL office. Free lunch provided for two weeks! Couldn’t been more blessed 🙂 haha eating is my part time job 😛IMG-20170306-WA0001

End of week 4, Hazirah goes back to Brunei. All done with our 4 weeks classroom learning. IMG-20170317-WA0001

That’s pretty much what I was up to for the past one month, lots of reading and lectures! It feels like I’m still in uni, but this time I am being paid to study.

I have been assigned to my product line in KL, not sure where will I be next. But, always constantly learning and looking forward for more upcoming challenges. Hopefully, I’ll go through them smoothly! IMG-20170317-WA0013

Thank you dear God for all your endless blessings and do continue to stay by me and guide me throughout my journey! ❤



I thought I was over it, It took me months to move on, closed a chapter. Why can’t you just remain that way? Leave and Never come back. but you came back and I wanted to forgive  once again. But you’re a liar and I fall for it over again.

I pray and hope that you will never succeed in life. In whatever steps you make, there would be a huge barrier ahead of you. Difficulty and disappointments over and over again. 

I pray you would continuously meet people who gives you hard time. At some point of life, giving up is the only way. Happiness and Peace is never on your side. Even if you’re happy, there would always be an empty feeling. It’ll only get harder for you because you’re just a failure in life. 

Day tour in Jakarta

Recently I’ve visited Jakarta for the introductory for my work and went on a day trip tour, together with friends aka colleagues from Malaysia, Brunei and Aussie.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

It’s also known as the “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”. It’s a recreational area with collection of Indonesian architecture. Got in a cable car to view from above. Pretty cool place cause it’s definitely something you don’t get in Malaysia.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESUntitled-3Untitled-10Untitled-15Untitled-8

Special thanks to Antiek, the HR for touring us around.  She’s my role model. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The NextGen 2017 team 🙂  Coming from different places with different personality and still get along pretty well. Great team! Untitled-20Untitled-24Untitled-21Untitled-27

National Monument – Monas Untitled-30Untitled-34

I was so hungry for lunch and I didn’t snap any pictures. I had Ayam Presto and it was so good. It’s cooked in a way that you can eat the bones together with the chicken. Luv it!

Can’t comment much about the place cause I’ve only managed to go Jakarta a day and stayed the rest of the trip at work and hotel. The traffic is so bad especially when its raining! but the people there are amazing 🙂

Thank you for the opportunity given! #blessed



Final Year Final Semester!

Its taking a while for me to digest I’m no longer a student. Final year has been the toughest time in uni, and I am so glad I’ve made it! Months ago, I felt like getting to this phase (graduated) was just so impossible.

It wasn’t just stress over getting my overloading projects, assignments, experiments, but this time I had to deal with a heartbreak. Yes, I got dumped and I had days crying over my lost love instead of my undone assignments. But, life goes on, like it or not, I still have to get myself together.

“When you fall in love, you pretty much sign a contract that says there’s an incredibly high chance that you’re gonna get hurt, and you have to be okay with that because it doesn’t matter how many sleepless nights you spend holding onto your chest for dear life praying to God that everything will be fine, chances are they won’t be and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about that. Sometimes you have to accept that not everybody in your life is suppose to stay.” –

Despite that, there’s so much more important that was going on and I pretty happy to have achieve them. Anyways, here’s some highlight of the last semester of UG,


1. Pre-SEDEX – Individual poster presentation of the final year project.

img-20161115-wa0009-01 img-20161115-wa0002-02img-20161115-wa0001 img-20161115-wa0005-01

2. Final Year Project, FYP  Presentation

Presentation has always been my favourite. I’m glad I manage to go through them without any cue cards and I don’t shiver that much anymore 😀

img-20161214-wa0040 img-20161214-wa0037

3. THESIS Completion!

Best feeling ever when I get hold on my very own thesis. 8 months of work- experiments, reading and writing, all compiled in a book, MY book 😛

p61228-105256  p61228-105806

4. Plant Design Project, PDP

In a team of 5, we built a chemical plant of 1,3-PDO from crude glycerol. This team project has taught me so much as it’s a whole combination of all the courses I have learnt in the early years of my undergrad study. Makes me feel like I am an engineer after this 😛 , So glad I’ve made it through with good grades with my teammates!


5. Early Graduation Trip with the wiragang in Langkawi

FUN, FUN, FUN – Quote of the trip: Hehe, so happy, LANGKAWI! *spin and dab!

img-20160925-wa0035-01 img-20160928-wa0000-02

6. Graduation Dinner

#CEJAN12 themed Bollywood vs. Holloywood.

img_5041 img_5049whatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-1-56-14-pm whatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-2-18-20-pmwhatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-11-58-04-am-1 whatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-11-58-04-am whatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-2-32-01-pmimg-20161217-wa0009 img-20161217-wa0021

7. Photoshoot session

After the very last paper of my undergrad years, Engineers in Society, had a quick photoshoot session with my Haja, Wiras and coursemates before everyone move apart.

img_2252-1 15748743_1285754314814866_780307480_oimg_2266 img_2276img_2295img_2300


imr_1393-copyimr_1523 imr_1527imr_1537-copy

8. Signing off, 19188

img-20161230-wa0007  whatsapp-image-2017-01-24-at-11-58-26-pm

9. Job interview

Last but not least, I got a job! I attended a full day assessment for the second screening in Indonesia in November together with 24 candidates from Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Started of with comprehensive presentation on their products in a team, individual interview, case study and workshop. Blessed to have teamed up with a great group and met the whole bunch of fun-going people.


All in all, 2016 has been rough and tough year for me. But, looking back right now, it was such a productive one with so much achievement, not just in terms of knowledge and experience but also I’ve strengthen bonds with my friends and got closer with a new  friend ^^.

Thank you once again to the Almighty God for always guiding and staying by me throughout my journey. Never lose faith in Him, ever! Always looking forward to see what lies ahead of me, hopefully 2017 would be a beautiful one 😀


deep down, all i wanted was to stop living. i remember the days when i prayed hard to God telling him, the only thing i wanted is for Him to kill me. take me with Him. what if this place was hell and that because its hell, it eats up your courage to leave this place. what you crave will never be yours or fulfilled. so if you wanted to die, hell would never let you get that easy.

deep down, im scared, lost and theres no place i ever felt like i belong. i wanna go home but theres no place like home.some nights i cry to bed without any reasons. empty, thats all i felt.

‘Maybe I’m just built indifferent, Maybe I was born anxious and angry and this is how I find peace with the universe. Maybe I truly am miserable, and everyone else is feeling something I’m not. or Maybe they’re all full of shit.

I run, I run over mountains until my toenails fall off. I run until my feet bleed and my skin burns and my bones scream.

I work. I work for twelve hours a day. I work until I can’t think straight and I forget to feed myself and the light outside dims to a tired glow. 

When I do these things, I’m not smiling or beaming with joy. I’m not happy. In truth, when I do these things, I’m often suffering. 

but I do them because I find them meaningful. I find them compelling. I do these things because I want to be tormented and challenged and interested. I want to build things and break them. I want to be busy and beautiful and brimming with ten-thousand moving parts.

I want to hurt, so that I can heal.’

someday even when im happy, im afraid i would still look for misfortune.

He Never Told Me He Had A Girlfriend

I have a confession to make. I’ve been the “other woman.” And more times than I want to admit. But I’m not strategically malicious and destructive, because here’s the thing…

I never knew she existed.

Either her name never passed his lips. Or I did once hear her name, but she was “just a friend” or his “ex girlfriend” or maybe “she wasn’t anything serious.”

But here’s the other thing…

In the end she was serious, and I wasn’t.

I don’t want pity for being the “other girl,” but I want understanding. While my actions were later deemed ignorant, they were always innocent. All I yearned for was connection, affection, and the opportunity for love. In the end, I had none of those things.

Once I became aware of her existence, I left. Sometimes she would also find out about me, and other times she never would. But I would never let myself cross into the world of being the real ‘other woman’. I didn’t want ‘her’ man. I wanted my own. One that would never do to me what he did to her.

I sometimes hear that “being the other woman is hard.” But I think that finding out you are the other woman is hard. I thought his intentions were genuine (they weren’t). I thought I was the only one (I wasn’t). I thought there was potential (there wasn’t).

In the end, I was just something new and exciting; something fun and entertaining. But something disposable and temporary. She was his stability and security; his comfort and attachment. If he didn’t care about hurting her, could you imagine how little he cared about hurting me?

The truth is, he is still just a boy, who didn’t truly deserve either of us. A man knows a good thing when he sees it, and he fights for what he wants with loyalty and genuine intention. He isn’t distracted by desire. He is focused on commitment. That is the man I want. That is the man we all deserve. And that is the man I hope we all find.

I may have been the ‘other woman’, but now, I’ll never settle for just ‘another boy’.


He Never Told Me He Had A Girlfriend

Final Year Battle

I would really love to write about my trips in Japan. But I am such a lazy person to write a detailed blog. Just would like to update this space of mine depending on my mood and whenever there’s a need to speak out my mind.

Anyways, I am back in Malaysia! It isn’t really great to be back cause I loved my stay in Japan, having my little home on my own. Japan was indeed a great place to stay. Love the weather, the people and how organize and convenient back there. Malaysia is a total opposite of it. I really hope God would open more opportunities for me to go out of the country someday in the near future.

I am about to start my final year of my undergraduate studies. Just 8 months and then, I am out to compete with the world. Nothing’s ever gonna be easy, so I am here so set some resolutions for myself before the semester starts:

  1. Live independently, Don’t be afraid to be alone. I am choosing a major where most of my friends isn’t there. I guess this time I would have to buck up and work hard on my own. Study study study well!
  2. Stay positive, believe in God and His blessings. I know He’s always there to guide me through my journey. Just gotta keep having faith in Him.
  3. Fill up my time with sports.  I am gonna be busy with so many upcoming projects, and I hope I wouldn’t  forget my weekly workout. Cut down on processed food and eat healthy! Gotta make sure I don’t gain weight.
  4. Readddd! Read before bed. Continue learning Japanese, don’t let them slide away.
  5. Plan a future for myself. I am gonna go out there next year and I am not quite sure of what will I do later. Should really start applying masters or jobs elsewhere.

I don’t know what lies ahead of me. Worried of my future, how is it gonna be. I just have to keep going, follow the flow and pray that all will be well.

That’s all for now 😀 hope to find more mood to update my dead blog.